4:00PM - 7:00PM

Students will be on an Early Dismissal Schedule with the day ending at 2:02 PM.

Roncalli High School will hold Parent-Teacher Conferences on Thursday, October 7, from 4:00PM - 7:00PM. Conferences this year will be done either online via Google Meets or in person. Parents must sign up on their student’s Canvas account and state in the comments whether they will be attending virtually or in person.

I am sharing in this email three links for parents that provide simple, quick instructions on how to sign up for a conference with a teacher as well as how to log into the conference with the teacher on October 7. Please watch the videos as they are only two minutes in length and will provide you with easy, step by step instructions.

Appointment slots for the conferences will be opening this week. Please make sure to sign up for an appointment prior to Thursday, October 7 at noon.

These conferences will be limited to seven minutes so that teachers can accommodate as many parents as possible. Please contact your child’s teacher directly should you desire a more comprehensive, longer conference.

We are always grateful for our parents and their continued support of and loyalty to Roncalli! Thank you for making the decision and sacrifice to send your child to RHS!

Please contact our Technology Integration Specialist, Jenny Carroll, at should you have any questions related to the online aspect of the parent-teacher conferences.



Aidan Curtis, Jean-Luc Euzen, Ronan Euzen, Thomas Sherman and Carlie Young

Front row left to right: Thomas Sherman, Carlie Young, Aidan Curtis
Back row left to right: Jean-Luc Euzen, Ronan Euzen

Congratulations to our five students who are Commended Students in the 2022 National Merit Scholarship Program!



The first quarter ends on October 1, and student report cards will be emailed to parents on October 6.

Report cards are available for downloading for seven days. After that, parents can still access grades online through the PowerSchool parent portal.


Homecoming Queen Cate Lehner and King Sam Sering

Congratulations to our Royal Homecoming Queen Cate Lehner and King Sam Sering!

Stu Co led another outstanding spirit week. All-Out participation with the dress-up days was strong. Freshman, sophomores and seniors won at least one class competition. Congrats to the Class of 2022 for taking this year's overall title! Cate Lehner was crowned homecoming queen. Over 750 students had a blast at the homecoming dance, where Sam Sering was crowned homecoming king. The students danced the night away and played MarioKart on the jumbo screen, yard games on the circle, and enjoyed Kona Ice! It was the perfect way to cap off a great spirit week. Thanks to the student council and all the staff members who helped make it happen!



This past weekend, Roncalli's Life Academy had a reunion for their alumni, and it was a blast! The weather was perfect for enjoying the outdoors, and a great time was had by all in attendance!


A sales representative from Awards America will be in the cafeteria on Wednesday (10/6/2021) from 5:00 - 7:00 PM and during all lunch periods on Thursday (10/7/2021) to take orders for all students interested in purchasing a Roncalli Letter Jacket this year.

Payment will be required at the time of order, with checks to be made out to Roncalli High School.

Information/Price sheet may be picked up at the Main Office or the Athletic Department office.




Homework Hub

Room 211

3:15-4:15 PM, Monday - Thursday

Homework Hub

After school homework hub is a space to do homework or meet for study groups. TUTORS are available!

  • ALL students are welcome.
  • No need to register.
  • Just show up after school.

If you have questions, please email Beth Reel, assistant principal for academic affairs, or call (317) 787-8277, ext. 222.


“Walk a Mile, Pray Awhile”

Walkathon Logo

Students received their Walkathon 2021 payment envelopes in their eighth period class this week. Please click here to learn more about Walkathon and the FAQs.

Calling for parent volunteers to help with the walkathon. Please email Jeen Endris if you’d like to get involved.

This year’s Walkathon is Thursday, October 28. (The rain date is scheduled for October 29.) The Walkathon is the only all school fundraiser in which Roncalli students are asked to participate. Every dollar raised through Walkathon funds provides needs-based tuition assistance for Roncalli families.



Alarm Clock

Families, we need your help! For the first quarter of the school year, we have had over 260 tardy to school instances. As part of our desire to foster our partnership with you, the parents, we are asking for your assistance. Please help your child get to school on time. Some things to consider to help alleviate morning issues:

  1. Have a sleep routine and stick to it. Your child should be getting 8-9 hours of sleep each night. Set a bedtime and a wake up time and maintain those times.
  2. Remove electronic devices from the bedroom. Scientific studies have concluded that students do not get the proper sleep when they have easy access to screens. Even shutting off their phones at night is not enough; remove the phones from your child’s room. Create a family charging station and have everyone in the family charge their devices in a single location.
  3. Buy an “old fashioned” alarm clock so that your child does not have to use their cell phone as an alarm.
  4. Help your child with time management. Our evenings are filled with all kinds of events. Your child needs to have balance. They need time to simply relax and be a teenager while also completing their homework. Help them to manage this time wisely including how to manage their cell phone. If they say they have a “ton” of homework, observe them for a little while and you might find that technology provides a huge distraction for them getting their work done. If they turn their phones off while doing homework, they may find their time doing homework drops significantly.


Roncalli High School is looking to fill positions in our maintenance, grounds and custodial areas. Both full and part time positions are available. Benefits are available for all full time positions as well as tuition discounts to the school. Ask us about our part time positions with full time benefits and tuition discounts! If interested, please contact Dave Gervasio at 317-787-8277 ext. 246.


Our team oriented staff would like to add to our family of cafeteria employees. If you are interested in working part-time one to three days a week serving our students and staff or simply being a substitute on call, please email Jeff Richardson or call (317) 788-4099. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.



Tickets for the Sacred Sounds concerts are now available. The concerts are Monday, October 4 at 6:00 and 8:00 PM. The Advanced Women’s choir, Beginning Mixed choirs, Intermediate choir and Show choir will perform at the 6:00 PM show. The 8:00 show will feature the Advanced Women’s choir, Beginning Women’s choir, Intermediate choir and Show choir.

Tickets can be purchased at Tickets are $10.00 for adults, $5.00 for Roncalli students and children 14 years old and younger. Remember to print off your tickets and bring them with you to the show. Tickets will be scanned at the entrance to the auditorium. VIP card holders will need to email Miki Lewinski or call 317-787-8277 ext. 249 for a special promo code to access your free tickets.

We will continue to leave one seat between groups. Masks are strongly encouraged.



  • Who: Parents of students identified with Specific Learning Disabilities, ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Language Impairments, Hearing Impairments, Visual Impairments, Emotional Disabilities and Other Health Impairments
  • When: Tuesday, October, 19, 2021, 7:00 PM
  • Where: Roncalli Student Life Center
  • What: Learn the process for students to receive accommodations on Roncalli’s high school placement test and hear details about the STARS resource Program. ** Please bring a copy of your student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) or Individual Service Plan (ISP) as well as any psychometric testing to the meeting.

If unable to attend, please contact: Michelle Roberts, Director of Special Services.


Roncalli Media Network

Roncalli Football Team

If you can’t make it in person tonight you can catch the football game on Roncalli Media Network.

Places to listen


El Departamento de Orientación de la Escuela Preparatoria Roncalli invita a todas las familias de habla hispana a asistir a la Noche de Planeación del Futuro el miércoles 6 de octubre a las 7:00 PM. Habrá una sesión para estudiantes de tercer y cuarto año (juniors/seniors) en el Centro de Vida Estudiantil (Student Life Center) que cubrirá la planificación futura, las solicitudes universitarias y el pago de la universidad. Habrá también una sesión para estudiantes de primer y segundo año (freshmen/sophomores) en el salón 111 que cubrirá cómo tener éxito en la escuela preparatoria y cómo empezar a planear para el futuro. ¡Esperamos verlos ahí!

The Roncalli High School Guidance Department invites all Spanish-speaking families of current freshmen through seniors to attend Latino Future Planning Night on Wednesday, October 6 at 7:00 PM. There will be a session for juniors and seniors in the Student Life Center that will cover future planning, college applications, and paying for college, and there will be a session for freshmen and sophomores in room 111 that will cover how to be successful in high school and how to start planning for the future. We hope to see you there!


The Tuition Work Program provides for an ultra-flexible part-time job where you can...

  • Sign up to work when YOU are available
  • Work as many events as YOU want
  • Receive an hourly rate ranging from $12-$25 depending on the event
  • Sign up as many family and friends as you like to work toward your student’s tuition
  • Work in premier venues with other Roncalli families

This program can really make a big impact on the amount of tuition a family has to pay. Some families work in the program to pay their entire tuition bill.

If you have questions, please contact the program administrator, Angela Maly.

If interested, sign up here.


Roncalli will not provide for any extension of the spring break or fall break. No student will be excused from school for travel the week before or the week after fall break or spring break. Any student’s absence for travel reasons on these days will be considered unexcused. The day(s) preceding and immediately following those two breaks will be marked double unexcused days. A double unexcused day means that four points will be deducted from the student’s cumulative grade in each class at the end of that grading period. Teachers are not required to make special provisions for students who are unexcused. Students absent because of illness on the day(s) preceding and/or immediately following spring break will be required to bring a doctor’s excuse to the Attendance Officer upon their return to school. College days are not allowed on the day preceding and immediately following fall break or spreak break without prior administrative approval.


On Tuesday, October 5, students will have the opportunity for picture retakes. If a student missed the first day of school, or they ordered pictures that they want retaken, this will be the day. Students that ordered pictures will need to bring in their original packet of pictures on this day. Students taking pictures this day can be out of uniform in the appropriate attire. Shorts are not permitted.


The Roncalli Performing Arts is currently selling ads for the Roncalli 2021-22 Performing Arts Book. The Performing Arts Book is distributed at all major fine arts performances and concerts and features pictures of our seniors in the performing arts program as well as pictures of the many different performing arts ensembles and groups.

Ad prices are as Follows:

  • Full Page Ad-$475
  • Half Page Ad-$300
  • Quarter Page Ad-$200
  • Business Card Size-$75

Learn More

Opportunity for a “RONCALLI VIP CARD”

VIP Card

The purchase of a half page or larger ad will also entitle the purchaser to a VIP Card. VIP cards are good for free admittance for the card holder and 3 guests (4 total) to home sporting events ( This does not include County or IHSAA tournament events). Guests must be present with the card holder and must pick up tickets at the main ticket gate. In addition, VIP members are entitled to 4 free tickets to one performance of each of the performing arts productions (fall musical, Christmas band concert, Christmas choral concert, spring play, spring band concert and Pop’s concert) as well as early access to tickets.

To purchase an ad in the Performing Arts book, contact a performing arts student or Mike Lewinski or Miki Lewinski.

The Roncalli Performing Arts Book Ad Campaign is the primary fundraiser for the Performing Arts Booster. All proceeds from the Performing Arts book campaign goes directly to support the Performing Arts at Roncalli.



Find us on Facebook for carpooling/transportation information: Roncalli High School Carpooling/Transportation

Through the years, we have proven to be very successful in helping families/students that are in need of transportation assistance(to and/or from school).

  • If your family is in need of assistance with transportation, please email Andi Baker or call 317-787-8277, ext. 221. Please provide her with the following details (your name, contact information, major crossroads near where you live and what your needs are (ride to school, home from school or both). We will make every effort to connect you with another RHS family that can assist with your transportation needs.
  • If your family/student is willing to assist other RHS families/students with a ride to school and/or home from school, please contact Andi Baker and provide her with the same information as noted in the first paragraph. This can be an excellent way for your family/student to benefit from some extra gas money.

Learn More

We have the following RHS families who are in need of some assistance with transportation. If your family would like to pick up some additional gas money and provide assistance for one of these families would you please email Andi Baker or call 317-787-8277, ext. 221.

  • Needs ride home 3-4 times a week (Center Grove area)
  • Needs a ride home Monday,Tuesday,Thursday and every other Friday. Can pay $5 a day or $20 a week. (Harding and Banta)
  • Needs a ride home from school daily (Greenwood area between US 31 and 135)
  • Needs a ride home from school daily (Southport Road and Franklin Road)
  • Needs a ride home from school daily (Stop 11 and Bluff - Shannon Lakes across from Killarney neighborhood.)
  • Needs a ride to school on Monday, Tuesday and Friday(465 and 74, near Nativity and Marion Co. Fairgrounds)


Learn More

En Español


Guidance QR code

Please see the Roncalli Guidance Blast for these important updates!

  • Seniors:
    • FAFSA Opens Friday, Oct. 1
    • All Letter of Recommendation requests are due to teachers and counselors by Oct. 6.
    • Submit College Applications by Nov. 1
  • Latino Future Planning Night - Wednesday, Oct. 6th at 7:00 PM
  • Sign up for College Representatives visiting Roncalli
  • Jesuit Excellence Tour: FREE Virtual Catholic College Fair (Oct. 6) and Admission Process Presentations(Oct. 19 and 20)!!
  • Save the Date: Paying for College Night (with INvestEd) - Presentation and Hands-on FAFSA Completion Help - Oct. 26
  • School Counselors in the Guidance Office during Parent Teacher Conferences

Learn More


Learn More

Ascension St. Vincent Excellence
COVId or FLU Flyer


  • For Sr. Cathay Anne Lepore, Hon’06, long time teacher at Roncalli, who is recovering from surgery.
  • For Dennis Stephenson Hon’93, who is battling serious health issues.
  • For Bill Mullen Hon’14, who is battling serious health issues.
  • For Kathy Tinder, long time teacher at Roncalli, who continues to battle serious health issues.
  • For God’s blessings and mercy upon Archbishop Charles Thompson and his ministry in shepherding the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.
  • For those who struggle to find adequate food, clothing, shelter, and medical services and for those most in need of God’s mercy.
  • For healing of body, mind and spirit for all people dealing with depression, addiction or mental health issues.
  • For strength and healing for all those fighting off life-threatening illness and for their families and caregivers.
  • For the men and women of our armed forces and their families, especially our Roncalli High School alums who are serving in the military.
  • For our Roncalli alums preparing for a religious vocation as a priest, religious woman or missionary.
  • For vocations to the priesthood, religious life and missionary field, and that Roncalli High School and its families will provide a nurturing environment that fosters and supports these vocations.

Earn Money For Roncalli When You Shop!

Amazon Smile Program Kroger Plus Card