50 Year Celebration Dinner

Go to to RSVP today or contact Tina Hayes at 317-787-8277 ext 239.



Ian Knight
Ian Knight
Chris Figueroa
Chris Figueroa
Maria Mina
Maria Mina
Veronica Phillips
Veronica Phillips
Levi Ralston
Levi Ralston
Ryan Sissons
Ryan Sissons

Auditions for the Indiana All-State Honor Choir were held this week. Congratulations to the following Roncalli students who made it into the 2019-2020 All-State choir: Ian Knight, Chris Figueroa, Maria Mina, Veronica Phillips, Levi Ralston and Ryan Sissons.

These students were selected out of students from all across the state. Congratulations, and way to represent the Roncalli Choir program!


2019 Canned Food Drive
Pictured: Freshman Nina Jacobs receives her out-of-uniform wristband from Ryan Costello, and Cathy Matis collects donations from sophomore Sam Gantner during last week’s canned food drive.

Thank you to all of the Roncalli community who supported this year’s Canned Food Drive with 90% of all students and staff participating. A total of 7,022 food items were collected, along with $32,947.81 for a combined total of $36,458.81. The total of money and cans collected would equal 72,918 cans, surpassing last year’s totals collected. These donations will be distributed to local food pantries that serve the Indianapolis community.

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Ryan Costello, English teacher and Student Council moderator, shared his thoughts on the success of the Canned Food Drive,

“Thanks to the generosity of the students, staff, and larger Roncalli community, we will be able to contribute to the great work of these food pantries in assisting those in the Indianapolis area who struggle with food security throughout the year. It was inspiring to see everyone step up to the challenge in such a significant way.”


2019 Spirit of Family Award
Pictured left to right: Marie, Kathleen and Michael Ameis

Congratulations to senior Kathleen Ameis for being the 2019 "Spirit of the Family Tradition" Scholarship recipient!

To be eligible, each $1,500 scholarship winner must be a child of a Sacred Heart Central, Kennedy Memorial, Bishop Chartrand or Roncalli alumnus, must be a senior who has attended Roncalli for three years and must prepare a 500 word essay sharing their feelings and experiences about the “Spirit of the Family Tradition” at Roncalli.


The required freshman parent meeting was instituted ten years ago, primarily as a means to try and establish or insure some “common ground” between our parents as primary educators and Roncalli as secondary educators. The meetings have received positive reviews from parents.

There is one more opportunity for parents to attend on Wednesday, September 18. The meeting begins at 7:00 PM in the school’s auditorium.

NOTE: Parents who have had a freshman student previously at Roncalli are not required to attend one of these meetings. Failure to attend one of these meetings will result in the student not being allowed to stay at Roncalli for the second semester of the school year.

Please direct all questions to principal, Chuck Weisenbach, at 787-8277, extension 224.



2019 Homecoming

On September 27, we will host our 50 year homecoming celebration. At half-time during the 7:00 PM game against Brebeuf Jesuit High School, the 50th class and the 25th class will be recognized. Awards will be given for Alumni of the Year and Honorary Alumni.

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After the presentations, the homecoming festivities will continue under the big tent with food, drink and a live band performance by local favorite “Tastes Like Chicken.” This is an over 21 gathering, and tickets to the tent party are $10 which include food and band. Beverages will be available for purchase.

To purchase your tickets for the tent party, please contact Gary Armbruster at 317-787-8277 ext. 242.


On Tuesday, October 1st, students will have the opportunity for picture retakes. If a student missed the first day of school or they ordered pictures that they want retaken, this will be the day. Students that ordered pictures will need to bring in their original packet of pictures on this day. Students taking pictures this day can be out of uniform in the appropriate attire. Shorts are not permitted.


El Departamento de Guía de la Preparatoria de Roncalli High School invita a las familias de habla hispana de los estudiantes que actualmente cursan el onceavo (Juniors) y doceavo (Seniors) grado a la Noche en Español de Planeamiento Universitario en el “Media Center” el día miércoles 2 de octubre a las 7:00 pm. Los temas que serán cubiertos incluyen: Visitas a las universidades, carreras universitarias, requisitos de admisión, cuando se debe aplicar, como pagar por la universidad. Esperamos verlos ese día!

The Roncalli High School Guidance Department invites all Spanish-speaking families of current juniors and seniors to attend Spanish College Planning Night in the Media Center on Wednesday, October 2 at 7:00 PM. Topics covered will include: campus visits, college majors, admissions requirements, when to apply and how to pay for college. We hope to see you there!


The Honors Economics students will be participating in a Community Poverty Simulation and we need 20-22 parent volunteers to run this event. We will be working at the Roncalli gym on October 29th, 7:30 AM - 10:30 AM. If you are available and interested in joining this experience please contact Betsy Strader for further information.


Kathy Troccoli Concert

Mark your calendars! Christian recording artist, Kathy Troccoli will be performing free of charge at Roncalli on Tuesday, October 8. Two of the Roncalli choirs will be performing with her, and each south deanery grade school will be represented during this performance! Tickets are available in Roncalli's Main Office starting on Tuesday, September 3rd from 8 AM - 3 PM. There are limited seats, so get yours early!


Roncalli offers a comprehensive Corporate Sponsor program that supports our students in several exciting ways including tuition assistance and broadcasting opportunities. There are many benefits in sponsoring and supporting Roncalli. Your company will be exposed to other like-minded businesses that also support Roncalli. Almost 1200 students, 125 faculty and staff, an alumni base of over 13,500 and thousands of Roncalli parents, relatives and friends will have an opportunity to see your business ad at some point during the school year. Our newest opportunity will include signage opportunities in our new Ascension St. Vincent Gymnasium. Space will be limited so if your business is interested in supporting Roncalli through Walkathon, Rebel Media Network, Homecoming, Fall Sports, Rebel 5ive podcast, Rebelation or brand new opportunities in Roncalli’s newest multiple use facility, Ascension St. Vincent Gymnasium, please call Gary Armbruster at 317-525-7046 or email him.



2019 Walkathon

This year’s winning Walkathon theme is “Rebels - Walk This Way.” Congratulations to freshman Jesse Irvin who came up with this year’s theme.

Students will receive their yellow Walkathon 2019 payment envelopes in their eighth period class the week of September 16th. Please click this link to learn more about Walkathon and the FAQs.

Walkathon FAQs

We are asking students to submit their creative t-shirt design ideas for a chance to win $50! If you have an artistic student, encourage them to submit artwork for the official t-shirt by Wednesday, September 11 at 4 PM. Questions can be directed to Jeen Endris in the Advancement Office.

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Calling for parent volunteers to help with the walkathon. Please email Jeen Endris if you’d like to get involved.

This year’s Walkathon is Tuesday, October 29th. (The rain date is scheduled for October 31st.) The Walkathon is the only all school fundraiser in which Roncalli students are asked to participate. Every dollar raised through Walkathon funds provides needs-based tuition assistance for Roncalli families.


Roncalli High School works with local law enforcement officials continuously reviewing and updating our Emergency Preparedness Plan based on best practices learned from school experiences all across the country. Law enforcement has shared with us that a review of some school shootings shows that they have taken place during the time period in the morning prior to the start of school when students, teachers and staff are arriving on campus and entering the school. They (law enforcement) have recommended that we collect student cell phone numbers so that we can communicate directly with students if an emergency situation exists in the time period leading up to the start of school when we may have students in the parking lot, driving into school, etc.

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NOTE: The school's only use of these numbers will be for emergency notification.

During the first week of September, we are going to begin collecting freshman and transfer students' cell phone numbers. Please notify Linda Simpkins in our IT department if you as parents do not wish for Roncalli to have your child's cell phone number.



Due to the overcrowding and safety issues, we will once again only be inviting Sophomore, Junior and Senior grandparents. Grandparents of Freshmen will be invited if they have a grandchild in one of the other three classes.


We hope you are feeling God's blessings this week!! Remember, those of us in the Guidance Department, are here for you and your students!

All Students' Transcripts Now Available

For the month of September, all student transcripts will be available in Family Link. Log into FamilyLink using your child's Roncalli ID and password and click on Secondary Mark History on the left side of the screen.

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As always, contact your counselor with any questions.

SAT and ACT Prep

Roncalli will host test prep seminars for the SAT and ACT in September! These seminars are produced by the Doorway to College Foundation. Please visit this ZAPS LINK to register for the following seminar! ZAPS SAT on September 30 and October 1

QuestBridge Scholarship Resource

Is your student excelling academically and near the top of his/her class? Are you worried about how you will pay for college? Check out QuestBridge! This is an excellent resource for top students with financial hardships!


The first quarter’s midway point is today, Friday, September 6. This is a great time to check on your child’s course percentages. With a parent Canvas account, a “View Grades” link displays each course grade. Canvas provides parent access on literally any device!

Website access starts at this link. It does not start at the Username field unless you already have an account.

Pictured to the right is the Canvas Parent app for mobile devices.

Regardless of using the website or the mobile app, a pairing code is required during sign up. Read on to learn how to obtain this code.


Before you begin setting up your parent Canvas account, ask your child for a pairing code. It is accessed within the student’s profile, under settings. The code, valid for 24 hours, is generated immediately upon clicking the words, Pair with Observer.


The Marion County Public Health Department will be at Roncalli to administer the state mandated hearing screening services for sophomores on Thursday, September 19th. A parent/guardian has the right to decline this service for your child. If you do not want the health department to conduct a hearing screening for your sophomore child, please click on the link below; complete the form and return it to Roncalli High School; Attention: Mr. Weisenbach.

CBC Screening Notice

Decline Screening



Find us on Facebook for carpooling/transportation information: Roncalli High School Carpooling/Transportation

Through the years, we have proven to be very successful in helping families/students that are in need of transportation assistance(to and/or from school).

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  • If your family is in need of assistance with transportation, please email Andi Baker or call 317-787-8277, ext. 221. Please provide her with the following details (your name, contact information, major crossroads near where you live and what your needs are (ride to school, home from school or both). We will make every effort to connect you with another Roncalli family that can assist with your transportation needs.
  • If your family/student is willing to assist other Roncalli families/students with a ride to school and/or home from school, please contact Andi Baker and provide her with the same information as noted in the first paragraph. This can be an excellent way for your family/student to benefit from some extra gas money.

We have the following Roncalli families who are in need of some assistance with transportation. If your family would like to pick up some additional gas money and provide assistance for one of these families would you please email Andi Baker or call 317-787-8277, ext. 221.

  • Southport & 5 Points (Franklin Trace/Park Estates) Needs ride to school every other week. Willing to pay!
  • Southport & Acton Road Needs ride home after school. Willing to pay!
  • Edgewood and Arlington-Shelbyville Rd and Arlington (Buck Creek Woods) Needs rides home from school willing to take someone to school in the area or pay gas money.
  • Carefree North subdivision off of County Line Road Needs ride home after school. Willing to pay for gas!
  • E. Raymond & S. Franklin (Raymond Park.) Carpool to and/or from school.


The Roncalli Cafeteria is still accepting applications for our free and reduced lunch program for the 2019-20 school year. Since Roncalli is enrolled in the National School Lunch Program and the School Breakfast Program, we can offer free or reduced priced meals to those who qualify.

If your student was receiving the free or reduced meal benefit last year, that benefit carries over for the first 30 days of the new school year. After that 30th day (Sept. 18 this year), your student will be charged the paid lunch price of $3.25 for lunch and $2.00 for breakfast if no new application has been received.

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If you need to fill out an application, there is a link to the application and a link to the instructions at the bottom of this newsletter.

We also ask that when you fill out an application, you also fill out the form entitled: ADDITIONAL FEE WAIVERS/REDUCTIONS—PERMISSION TO SHARE INFO (if you filled this out once for your child, you don't have to do it again). This form allows us to share your free/reduced status with the Roncalli Guidance Office for the purpose of obtaining other benefits for your child. The link to this form is also located at the bottom of this newsletter.

If your family receives benefits from the state in the form of SNAP, TANF or Medicaid, you are eligible for free or reduced meals without filling out an application. Please call our office at (317)788-4099 for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact Eileen Horan (317) 788-4099.


We are off and running in Community Service this year and have successfully been able to get all students registered for Mobileserve! With over 11,000 hours already submitted and verified for this year, we are ready for our next steps! Please keep an eye out for the following things:

  1. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors will have their past "Lifetime" service hours from our previous system transferred over to the MobileServe. All of these hours will be dated January 1, 2019, and will have the title of "past service hours". This will enable the students to distinguish between hours completed in previous years from those completed this year. This now gives students access to all of their lifetime hours for resumes and scholarship applications.
  2. Summer Hours will be moved into semester one goals for those hard workers who served over the summer! Remember that up to 8 hours can count for your semester from the Summer or Christmas break.

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Some other helpful tips for parents and students as we move forward this year:

*** Any service hours that have been "rejected" will come with simple instructions to correct the issue. Rejection of hours is not permanent but is our best way to communicate where students need to correct their service logs. Please encourage your students to check weekly in their email, Mobileserve App, or at for any adjustments to be made. Only students can correct these mixups and mistakes. Students can also see or email Mr. Striby any time with questions or concerns.

***Please do not forget - first quarter service hours must be Served and Logged by Wednesday, September 25 and Verified by the supervisors by Tuesday, October 1 in order to count towards the first quarter. Please follow up with supervisors and check entries if they are not being verified.



What is a Rebel VIP member card? A Rebel VIP member card is a pass that gets you and your immediate family into any home athletic event free of charge (regular season games only; IHSAA tournament and Marion County tournament games are excluded). A Rebel VIP Card also allows you to receive up to four free tickets to one performance of each fine arts production/concert.

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How do I get one? You can purchase a minimum half page ad for $275 in the Roncalli 2019-20 Performing Arts Book. The Performing Arts Book is distributed at all major fine arts performances and concerts and features pictures of our seniors in the performing arts program as well as pictures of the many different performing arts ensembles and groups.

To purchase an ad in the Performing Arts book, contact a performing arts student or Mike Lewinski or Miki Lewinski.

Ad prices are as Follows:

  • Business Card Size-$65
  • ¼ Page Ad-$165
  • ½ Page Ad-$275
  • Full Page Ad-$450

The Roncalli Performing Arts Book Ad Campaign is the primary fundraiser for the Performing Arts Booster. All proceeds from Performing Arts book campaign goes directly to support the Performing Arts at Roncalli.

Becoming a REBEL VIP MEMBER is a GREAT way to support Roncalli, promote your business or recognize your student and provide a significant savings for your family!


If you can’t make it to the games next week, you can catch the live video stream.


  • September 9, 6:30 PM Girls Soccer vs. Covenant Christian
  • September 10, 7:00 PM Boys Soccer vs. Guerin
  • September 14, 10:30 AM Girls Soccer vs. New Palestine
  • Football

  • September 13, 7:00 PM vs. Columbus North
  • Mass

  • September 11, 9:30 AM


Rebel 5ive Podcast


“One Counterintuitive Secret to Use with Your Kids” In this article, Tim Elmore challenges parents to allow their kids to see the real life “grind”.

Learn More


St. Jude Bingo

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

  • Greenwood Moose Lodge 2079 (813 Smith Valley Road)
  • Doors open at 5:30 PM, Bingo starts at 6:30 PM
  • Tickets $25 (in advance); $30 VIP reserved seating; $180 for Table of 6; $35 at the door

For tickets, contact Beth Haggenjos 317-753-2099. You can also pay online here. For sponsorship opportunities, contact Beth or Stephanie Sabina 317-869-9602. All bingo proceeds benefit St. Jude youth attending the National Catholic Youth Conference.



The Biggest Challenge Facing High School Sports Today

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Ascension St. Vincent Excellence

In partnership with Ascension St. Vincent, here is information that you might find useful.

Heat and Student Athletes: 3 Health Risks & Warning Signs

Taking part in school sports is an important part of a healthy, physically active lifestyle for kids. However, the high temperatures can pose serious health risks for student athletes.

Parents and coaches should pay close attention to make sure young athletes are hydrated and dressed appropriately for activities with the hot weather.

Doctors at St. Vincent also recommend parents, coaches and trainers keep watch for 3 heat-related conditions:

  1. Heat cramps – Symptoms can include muscle pains or spasms in the arms, legs or abdomen. You may also notice heavy sweating.
  2. Heat exhaustion – Symptoms can include heavy sweating, weakness and cool, clammy skin – which may appear more pale than normal. An individual with heat exhaustion may also experience nausea and vomiting, headaches, dizziness and possible muscle cramping – even while having a normal body temperature.
  3. Heat stroke – Warning signs may include red, hot and dry skin (no sweating), an extremely high body temperature (above 103 degrees), a throbbing headache, unconsciousness, confusion, nausea, a rapid pulse, or an altered mental state.

This health tip is provided by Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at Ascension St.Vincent. Schedule a pediatric appointment online, anytime

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Peyton Manning Children's Hospital


Circle of Faith Annual Fund Meter 2018


  • For Mike McGreevy R'74 who is experiencing health issues.
  • For God’s blessings and mercy upon Archbishop Charles Thompson and his ministry in shepherding the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.
  • For those who struggle to find adequate food, clothing, shelter, and medical services and for those most in need of God’s mercy.
  • For healing of body, mind and spirit for all people dealing with depression, addiction or mental health issues.
  • For strength and healing for all those fighting off life-threatening illness and for their families and caregivers.
  • For the men and women of our armed forces and their families, especially our Roncalli High School alums who are serving in the military.
  • For our Roncalli alums preparing for a religious vocation as a priest, religious woman or missionary.
  • For vocations to the priesthood, religious life and missionary field, and that Roncalli High School and its families will provide a nurturing environment that fosters and supports these vocations.

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