Greetings Roncalli Family:

On behalf of our faculty, staff and administration, I thank you for entrusting your child to us at Roncalli for the upcoming 2020-21 school year! We are appreciative of this trust and feel obligated to respond to that trust with a comprehensive school-wide commitment to excellence for your child and your family!

It is with great pleasure and much excitement that I write to you indicating that we are planning to welcome back to school all students, teachers and staff members on Wednesday, August 5. Our intent is to offer face to face instruction on a daily basis. We have some families who have indicated that they are not comfortable with their child returning to school at this time. We are pleased to offer a synchronous learning experience that provides live instruction for these students and their classes. Any family that wishes for their student to participate in the synchronous learning model must contact Assistant Principal, Beth Reel, at

The most consistent feedback we received from parents, students and teachers regarding this past spring’s E-learning was the demand for more consistency in the following areas;

  • When teachers would be teaching live
  • When teachers would be available to students live
  • Where students were to access course information
  • How students were to submit their completed work

We believe our synchronous learning model answers these concerns. Our teachers have put in extra time this summer learning how best to use it. We are confident that this model will provide a robust, challenging education for students.

While we have no way of knowing exactly what the coming weeks and months will entail, the medical professionals and state education officials have made it abundantly clear that most if not all schools will be closed at some point for some period of time due to the coronavirus cases in their school and school community. For this reason, and to again respond to the feedback for more consistency, we will use a new bell schedule moving forward and until further notice. Teachers will have office hours and be available to students each school day from 7:15 - 7:40 AM. School will start at 7:45 AM. School will be dismissed daily at 2:30 and teachers will have office hours and be available to students from 2:30- 3:15 PM.

Our school’s reopening plan is guided by resources, information, communications and personnel from Governor Eric Holcomb’s office, the Indiana Department of Education (DOE), the Indiana Department of Health, the Marion County Public Health Department (MCPHD)) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Additionally, our school community has been well served by our Reopening Task Force consisting of parents, doctors, nurses, teachers, administrators and IT personnel as well as our school’s own administrative team. I am most grateful for all people at the state and local level as well as all those within our Roncalli Family who contributed their time and expertise toward the goal of reopening our school in a safe, healthy manner. It has been and will continue to be a comprehensive team effort!

Moving forward with life has been nothing short of a monumental challenge for all of us since the pandemic forced the closure of all Indiana schools back in March. One of the great blessings we have at Roncalli is the tremendous support we receive from our students and parents. We need that support and cooperation now more than ever!! It is imperative for a successful reopening of our school that everyone in our school community cooperates with the established guidelines, protocols, and procedures in our school reopening plan. The expectations laid out for our students, employees and families are not in any way meant to be punitive or political. They were designed to help our school community be in the best position possible to start and continue school and school activities without interruption. Failure to comply with the established guidelines will handicap the efforts being made by so many who are committed to having a safe, successful and enjoyable school year!

The following reopening documents should be read by all students, parents, faculty and staff.

We have worked hard and will continue to work hard to provide the safest environment possible in our school and on our campus knowing that no location where people gather will be risk-free. Acknowledging that no “perfect” or “full proof” plan exists, it is the sincere belief of the people and agencies cited above that we can significantly reduce the risk of virus transmission within our school if everyone is diligent in following the procedures and expectations set forth in our reopening plan.

Should you have questions at any time regarding any aspect of our reopening plan you are encouraged to email them to

Please join me in praying for a safe, healthy, successful and enjoyable school year for all in the Roncalli Family!

God bless you and St. John XXIII, pray for us!

Chuck Weisenbach

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