Hybrid "Enrichment" Days

Greetings Roncalli Family

We continue to monitor to the best of our ability the academic progress of our students along with their social, emotional and spiritual needs as well! We received a great deal of positive feedback regarding our decision to allow families to opt for their child to attend school on a daily basis.

One of the greatest challenges all schools on a hybrid schedule are facing is the increased amount of work and anxiety it has created for teachers. Every day a teacher is responsible for four sets of students: (1) students attending school daily; (2) students attending school every other day according to the hybrid schedule; (3) students who have chosen to learn synchronously from home on a daily basis and (4) students synchronously learning from home temporarily while in quarantine.

The toll that the additional work and anxiety is having on our teachers is significant. The impact is far greater than anything I have witnessed in my 38 years in Catholic education. As such, it is a great concern for our school as our teachers must be mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy if they are to continue to provide a high quality, Catholic education for our students and families.

To this end and with the offering of a high quality, Catholic education on a consistent basis being our goal, we are going to institute two “Enrichment” days between now and Christmas. One will be on Friday, September 25 and one will be on Friday, November 6. Teachers will be expected to use this time for lesson planning, grading work, planning with other teachers or seeking out additional technology training. There will be no school/instruction for students on these days.

Through direct communications with the Indiana Department of Education, I have confirmed that Roncalli is not required to make up these two “Enrichment” days.

I have received many emails from parents and students commending our teachers for the great work they have done while in the hybrid schedule using synchronous learning. I trust that our parents know the value and necessity of having a physically, mentally and emotionally healthy teacher in front of their child on a daily basis! We did not make this decision lightly and took a great many aspects into consideration.

We hope these two days without instruction (Friday, September 25 and Friday, November 6) give our students a chance to step away from their chromebooks and studies as well. They too have endured a heightened level of stress and anxiety since the start of this school year and would benefit from some well deserved rest.

Our hope at Roncalli is that sooner, rather than later, the Marion County Public Health Department allows schools to return to full face to face instruction. However, to be proactive in our planning, I am sharing with you the calendar of school days for our A-K and L-Z students through the final day of classes for this first semester (December 15) should we be required to use the hybrid schedule for this period of time. This calendar ensures the exact same number of instructional days for each of the two groups from the time of its initial implementation.

Your trust in and loyalty toward Roncalli High School is a blessing that is never taken for granted! Thank you for entrusting your child with us! We will continue to work hard to ensure that this trust is well placed!

God bless you and your family!

St. John XXIII, pray for us!


Chuck Weisenbach

Hybrid Calendar

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