Weekly Newsletter  - Friday, June 8, 2018
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SPECIAL NOTE: There will not be a weekly e-newsletter published for the next few weeks! The next weekly e-newsletter will be sent out on Friday, July 13.


State Superintendent Dr. Jennifer McCormick This past Tuesday at the Indiana State House rotunda, Roncalli High School was honored by the Indiana Department of Education with a 2018 Advanced Placement (AP) Award. Receiving the award for Roncalli was our Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs, Kathy Arruda.

To be selected, schools must have had at least 25 percent of their 2017 graduating class receive a 3, 4, or 5 on an AP exam. Over fifty percent (50%) of the RHS Class of 2017 earned a 3, 4 or 5 on at least one AP exam, which is testimony to the large scope of our students who are being successful in college level classes. We are very proud to offer one of the finest AP programs of any high school in the state and very proud that such a high percentage of our students are taking full advantage of the program! Click here to continue reading.

Some of the benefits our students and families are experiencing as a result of the college credits they are receiving while a student at Roncalli include the following:

  • Graduating college early, saving tens of thousands of dollars
  • Studying abroad for a semester or a year without having to take a heavy load of academic courses during this time
  • Earning multiple majors in their four years making themselves even more more marketable as they enter the workforce
  • Serving an internship for a semester without having to take courses during that time or while taking a much lighter academic load during the internship

Congratulations to our students for performing at this high level and a huge thank you and acknowledgement to our teachers for the outstanding work they are doing to prepare our students for success in these college level classes.

“Research tells us time and again taking and passing AP courses prepares students for the rigors of the college classroom,” said Dr. Jennifer McCormick, Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction. “I am pleased with the dedication these schools and their educators have shown in providing a head start into higher education for their students. I applaud the success of each student who worked hard to study and pass their advanced placement courses and exams.”


Angelo Cardinal Roncalli This past January RHS principal, Chuck Weisenbach, was a recipient of a Lilly Teacher Creativity Grant that is allowing him to follow up on his first grant received in 2009 when he visited numerous places in France and Italy that played a major role in the life of Angelo Cardinal Roncalli. This “Part II” of walking in the footsteps of our school’s namesake will take him to Sofia, Bulgaria, Athens, Greece and Istanbul, Turkey. These are all places in which Roncalli spent time during his role as bishop and apostolic delegate. His pilgrimage also will include a ten day tour of the Holy Land, which is a place Roncalli visited multiple times in his life. In visiting these sites, Mr. Weisenbach will now have visited all of the places in which Roncalli served during his 59 years of ministry as priest, bishop, apostolic delegate, papal nuncio, cardinal and pope.

This pilgrimage starts Friday of this week and runs through July 4. You can follow along on the pilgrimage via a blog he will be keeping throughout his travels. The blog may be accessed via this link: http://roncallipilgrimagepart2.blogspot.com/.


Sign language, baseball, and math camps at RHS. The pace of life has not slowed much here at RHS this summer! There have been hundreds of kids on campus already with our athletic and academic camps in addition to our hosting a “Grasshopper Camp” for little youngsters sponsored by CYO Camp! Lots of future Rebels growing and learning!!


In an effort to aid students in getting HOPE hours, any service project performed during the summer that involves direct service toward the handicapped, those in poverty or those who are elderly can count toward HOPE hours for the first semester next school year.

Service hours still must be completed through a school function or non-profit agency. Students must still turn in any service hours from the summer on a service card the first week of the 2018-19 school year. If students do not have a service card in the summer, they can get an adult's signature and phone number on a piece of paper and staple that to a service card in August.

Please direct all questions to Gerard Striby


Roncalli offers families the opportunity to work events at Lucas Oil Stadium, Victory Field, and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, in order to earn money towards tuition. We are currently building our schedules for the Indy Eleven at Lucas Oil Stadium and the Indianapolis Indians at Victory Field. A percentage of all money earned is also contributed to the school's Endowment. If you or any family/friends would be interested in working these events please contact Jeff Traylor


All of the spring sport Honors Teams have been named with the exception of the All State teams for softball and baseball. Because there won’t be a weekly e-newsletter for a few weeks, we are going to go ahead and publish the Honor Teams as we know them to date.

Congratulations to all of our spring sport athletes and coaches who received post season honors for their outstanding performances this week.

Click here to access the Honor teams as we know them to date.


RHS Class of 2018! Don’t miss the last chance to hang out with your classmates before everyone goes their separate ways. There will be free food, a free alumni t-shirt and a chance to pick up your yearbook at our annual Rebel Round-up on July 24, 2018, from 6:00 - 7:30 PM in the cafeteria. Please RSVP today by calling Gary Armbruster, Director of Alumni Relations,787-8277 x242 or by email at garmbruster@roncalli.org.


Flat Rock River YMCA Camp has reached out specifically to RHS seeking camp counselors, especially young men! If interested apply at this link.


As a member of the Indiana High School Athletic Association, Roncalli High School must adhere to the moratorium week requirements set forth by the association. The 2018 Moratorium Week is from July 1-8. At Roncalli, this means there will be no open gym/no open facilities, no practices, games, rehearsals, etc. during this week.


Roncalli school uniforms and spirit wear will be sold on Thursday, July 26 4:00–8:00 PM and on Friday, July 27, 8:00 AM –Noon in the Roncalli Cafeteria. The RHS Spirit Store will also be open before the New Parent Orientation on Wednesday, August 1, from 4:00 – 7:00 PM. The Spirit Store also will be open in the mornings prior to the start of school during the first week of school as well as during school lunch hours throughout the school year.

For questions please contact the Director of the Spirit Store, Wendy Lawrie or 787-8277 x279. See you at the sale!


We are very appreciative of the great cooperation we received during the recently completed school year from our students and parents regarding the style of pants that were to be worn as a part of the school uniform.

It is important to note that we are the only Catholic high school in the Indianapolis area that does not require uniform pants of its students. While some students and parents would support a move to uniform pants, the overwhelming majority of students and parents prefer to purchase their school pants in a price range of their choice and at a retail store of their choice. We wish to continue to honor this desire but it must happen in such a way that we are not consistently wasting valuable instructional time and administrative time dealing with fashion compliance issues. Click here to learn more.

Thus, we ask once again for the total support of our parents and students in making sure there is adherence to specific style of pants that will be allowed next year. The uniform pants for next year must be “boot cut.” Skinny pants, yoga pants, “pegged” or rolling of pants will not be allowed.

If you look at the visuals below, the three pictures on top illustrate acceptable choices while the three pictures on the bottom with an X through them are not acceptable choices.


Please direct all questions, concerns and/or comments related to this matter to RHS assistant principal, Kevin Banich.

Thanks in advance for your continued cooperation on this matter.


The Summer Food Service Program for Children (SFSP) was created to serve nutritious meals to children when National School Lunch and School Breakfast Program meals are not available. To ensure all children receive proper nutrition throughout the year, SFSP reimburses organizations that prepare and serve meals to eligible children during the summer and school vacation periods. Everyone 18 and younger eats for free without providing any individual eligibility information at all open sites. On or after June 1, all Indiana sites approved to serve meals can be found by texting "Summer Meals" to 97779, texting “Food” or “Comida” to 877-877, by calling 211, or by clicking here.


ATTENTION PARENTS OF ALL INCOMING FROSH & TRANSFER STUDENTS. Roncalli High School is in year three of a 1:1 initiative with each student receiving a chromebook. Chromebooks will be ready for pickup according to the following schedule: Monday, August 6th from 12:00 to 6:00 PM, Tuesday August 7th, from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM, and Wednesday, August 8th, after-school until 4:00 PM. . Distribution will be in the Roncalli Media Center, which is located at the end of the main floor hall. Click here to learn more.

CHROMEBOOK OWNERSHIP Roncalli High School owns each school-issued Chromebook until the student graduates at which time ownership will transfer to the graduate.

Any student who leaves Roncalli prior to graduation will be expected to return their Chromebook in full working order or pay the school the cost of a new Chromebook.


If you haven't ordered a yearbook for your student, you can do so online at www.roncalli.org/yearbook. This is the only way to ensure your child will get a yearbook. Online orders will be taken until July 15, or until our supply is gone. Seniors will pick up their books at Senior Rebel Roundup which will be held July 26 at 6 PM in the RHS cafeteria. All other students will receive their yearbooks on the first day of school. If you have questions or need to see if you ordered already, please email jalbertson@roncalli.org.


Becoming a RONCALLI REBEL VIP MEMBER is a GREAT way to support Roncalli, promote your business, recognize your student athlete, and provide a significant savings for your family! A Rebel VIP Member Card is a pass that allows you and your immediate family into ALL Roncalli home sporting and fine arts events, free of charge! (How much am I saving? Regular season games $5-$6 per person; plays, musicals, concerts, $10.00 per person when purchased at gate) (IHSAA tournament and Marion County tournament games are excluded) Click here to learn more.

How do I purchase a Rebel VIP Member Card?

  1. You may purchase a half page ad in the Roncalli 2018 All Sports Fall Program for $275.00. This purchase provides you with an ad as well as the VIP Card. The program is distributed at all home sporting events, and will be available for view on our Roncalli High School website. The program features photos of our 2018-19 Senior Fall Athletes, fall team photos and a preview of the season from each sports coach. It includes a review of the previous year winter and spring sports season as well as a capsule look at the upcoming winter and spring sports seasons. If you advertised in this year’s program you will be contacted with the opportunity to renew your member card and ad.

To purchase a ½ page ad for the 2018-2019 school year, go to https://www.roncalli.org/athletics/all-sports-program or email Chris Lauck (phone at #317-788-4094 - RHS Athletic Office), or contact a member of the Roncalli Athletic Booster Committee (RABC) Jim Naumovich, Kristie Clark, Pat Soller, Ali Leffler, Eric Rail, Ron Carr, Molly Clawson-Allbright, Greg White, Jenni Agramonte

The Roncalli High School All Sports Program- Ad Campaign is the primary fundraiser for the Roncalli Athletic Boosters. ALL proceeds from this Ad Campaign go directly to support the athletes, coaches and teams at RHS. It has been a real blessing for our school.



Members of the Roncalli Class of 2019 will receive information in the mail by mid-June from Prestige Portraits regarding senior portraits. The following are some key aspects to be aware of related to senior portraits:

Only portraits taken by Lifetouch/Prestige Portraits will be included in the Senior section of the yearbook and in the Class of 2019 composite picture that hangs in the school’s main hallway. However, you are NOT obligated to purchase any portraits from Lifetouch/Prestige. Click here to learn more.

To make getting the senior portrait taken even more convenient, Prestige will set up a photo studio in the RHS media center July 16th - July 19th.You will be asked to pay a $15 sitting fee for the session. Seniors will receive an appointment card in the mail with their assigned date and time to get their senior portrait taken, July 16-19 If a senior is NOT able to get their photo taken July 16-19, then they will get their senior photo taken on the first day of school. Seniors can go to prestigeportraits.com to confirm appointments, change appointments and pay for their session.

The dress code for senior portraits to be included in the yearbook and class composite are as follows:

Young Men

  • must wear a dress shirt and tie
  • must be clean shaven with no facial hair
  • hair must be properly groomed and of its original color
  • no piercing beyond a pierced ear Young Ladies
  • shoulders must be covered
  • modest top must be worn (NO cleavage showing)
  • No piercing beyond a pierced ear

You may find more information at www.prestigeportraits.com or call 317-829-2075.


(Courtesy of Growing Leaders)

Most of the high school seniors that I talk to tell me they aren’t sure what they want to do when they graduate. Some will declare a major course of study for college but even they will concede, “I’ll have to see if it feels right once I start.” Others tell me they’re not sure any college offers what they’ll need to do the kind of work they envision doing as an entrepreneur. In fact, they wonder if college is necessary. Click here to continue reading.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Part of the problem is, the students I talk to are very aware that the job market will be different and ever changing when they’re done with college. What’s more, 18 years old is awfully young to know exactly what you’d like to do upon launching into your career. It makes for an expensive experiment for parents and students.

How Did We Get Here?

Please click here to read the remainder of this blog.


  • For the Lincoln family whose home burned down last week. No one was injured but the home is not salvageable. Kenzie was a part of our recent graduating class and Kelcie will be a sophomore next year.
  • For God’s blessings and mercy upon Archbishop Charles Thompson and his ministry in shepherding the archdiocese of Indianapolis
  • For those who struggle to find adequate food, clothing, shelter, and medical services and for those most in need of God’s mercy
  • For Divine Providence upon all elected officials and judges at all levels of government
  • For healing of body, mind and spirit for all people dealing with depression, addiction or mental health issues
  • For strength and healing for all those fighting off life threatening illness and for their families and caregivers
  • For the men and women of our armed forces and their families, especially our Roncalli High School alums who are serving in the military
  • For our RHS alums preparing for a religious vocation as a priest, religious woman or missionary
  • For vocations to the priesthood, religious life and missionary field, and that Roncalli High School and its families will provide a nurturing environment that fosters and supports these vocations.

“Family is the only real wealth.”
St. Barnabas (Feast Day - June 11, 2018)

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